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2020 dues

SOJAA members enjoy the following benefits:
  • Combined marketing efforts of SOJAA on behalf of all members
  • Participate in annual FiberMania at Jackson County fairgrounds that draws many fiber enthusiasts and the general public.
  • Networking opportunities with fellow breeders.
  • Educational events.
  • Website traffic from this site.

Membership meetings are held quarterly the third Saturday of the month, January through October. We meet at District Fire station #3, administration building, 8383 Agate Road, White City, OR 97503.

SOJAA Membership

Benefits include voting rights and a full profile, sales listings, etc. on the SoJAA website on Openherd

Price: $25.00

Please mail your membership dues check  by February 1, payable to "SOJAA", to:

Renate Gyuro

Alpacas at Lone Ranch

13856 Weowna Way 

White City, OR 97503






Getting your farm listed on the SoJAA website

SoJAA is a member of the Openherd Affiliate Program, which allows you to use Openherd's system to upload and manage your farm information, sales lists, and other pages free of charge and your information will be automatically synced to the SoJAA website.

To get your farm listed, simply create a free account on Openherd. Once you have created your account and have activated your farm profile (activate by going to "My Farm" in your Openherd account and click "Edit My Farm Page". Once you have clicked "Create Farm Profile", you're done), just send an email to membership@sojaa.com to let us know you have created your Openherd farm profile. We will then add you to the membership listing.